Returns/Refund/Cancellation Policy

Check Refund Period for Better Understanding:

Within a year of the date of travel, any PNR/Itinerary Receipt must be refunded.

Type of Currency: Charges and fares must be paid to the carrier in any acceptable currency. When paying in a currency other than the one in which the fare is listed, the exchange rate used will depend on the restrictions of the bank, the credit card company, and the carrier. These rules and regulations may also be applied to processed refunds and purchased tickets.

Do You Need More Information? We're here to help you at any time, so ask us about anything on Airlines cancellations.

Daily, every day of the week, our call center is open. You can reach out to us at (add number here). Alternatively, you can email us at Within 48 hours, we will try our best to reply to your every email. Depending on the airline's policy, the reason for your refund request, and the time between the date of your request and the date of your departure, the amount of the refund you receive may change.

With respect to the above given cancellation policy, all the Refunds/Future Credits from these Airlines are subject to each airline fare rules and procedures.

  • On the payment page, service fees will be converted into your country's currency.
  • Adult, kid, elder, infant, student, and military are the different passenger types.
  • Service costs will be assessed per person, per ticket, for all amendments, refunds, cancellations, and future credits.
  • All post-ticketing service fees, like our transaction service fees (booking fees), are not refundable and are subject to alteration at any time. All airline and/or other supplier fees and charges are in addition to our fees.

Taxes and levies levied by the government are dynamic. Only the final total price shown or quoted by our salesperson will be charged to your account.

1.The majority of our airline tickets have a non-refundable price. Only available if your request for a refund has been approved, your travel suppliers have agreed to process the requested cancellation and refund, you are not a no-show (most no-show bookings are not eligible for any waiver from suppliers for refund processing), and we have been successful in obtaining waivers from your travel suppliers.

2. The majority of our airline tickets have no refund policies. The regulations, policies, and procedures governing airline fares apply to airline refunds and future credits.

3. Special Services: All Special Services are available ONLY upon request and are subject to the fare regulations, policies, and procedures of each airline, as well as review and approval processes. Special Service Fees are levied at the time the service(s) are rendered; they are only repaid in the event that the airline rejects the request.

Name Misspelling: The name of the passenger on the airline ticket does not match the name on their passport or another form of recognized government identification

Visa/Passport: To process a request, often a decline letter for a visa or passport is needed.

Baggage: Please save all receipts and baggage tags for your luggage.

No-show: You must provide documentation explaining why you were unable to leave when expected.

Denied Boarding: You will be expected to provide documentation as to why you were prevented from boarding your scheduled departure.

Duplicate Tickets: In order to submit a refund request, copies of all tickets that indicate the exact same itineraries reserved with us are necessary.